even if it hurts

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Maserati A6GCS Berlinetta

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St Paul’s Bomb Damage

20th October 1940: St Paul’s Cathedral after a direct hit during the blitz in London.

Photocredit: Fox Photos

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New York City, 1971

I propose a toast.
To all the workers, past and present, not just in this country but throughout. To your hard-work and dedication. Because without it, there is no strength, no prosperity, and no well-being for the land you call your own. You are the foundation. Unfortunately, many of you workers are denied this honor and respect as a result of unemployment, underemployment, unjust wages, wage theft, abuse, and exploitation. So here’s to progress for future change. And here’s to you. May you never get older, never lack heart, never give up, and may each and everyone of you always give the devil what he’s due. Thank you. Bottoms up!




Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:


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The French have a phrase for it. The bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right. To say goodbye is to die a little.

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Concept art for Mary Poppins

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For whatever we lose
(a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
 - E.E. Cummings

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I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.

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Words to keep inside your pocket:

  • Quiescent - a quiet, soft-spoken soul.
  • Chimerical - merely imaginary; fanciful. 
  • Susurrus - a whispering or rustling sound. 
  • Raconteur - one who excels in story-telling. 
  • Clinquant - glittering; tinsel-like. 
  • Aubade - a song greeting the dawn. 
  • Ephemeral - lasting a very short time. 
  • Sempiternal - everlasting; eternal. 
  • Euphonious - pleasing; sweet in sound. 
  • Billet-doux - a love letter. 
  • Redamancy - act of loving in return.

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I want to build you a library.

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in 1914, a boy chained his bike to a tree, he never returned.

Coolest picture ever.

Does anyone ever wonder why he never returned?

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